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1 be green   2 Save Money   3 gain clients
we recycle & repurpose hair, foils, colour-tubes, papers and plastics AND divert excess hair chemicals from being rinsed down the drain we enable salons to implement energy and water saving systems through a unique funding tool that actually helps salons to afford these changes. everyone is involved and everyone wins! get noticed by consumers looking to channel their spending into like-minded green-minded businesses through our online green salon directory
All of our clients have been so excited about what we are doing; they are happy to help. We've had very positive feedback, which has made this an easy transition. It really is such a simple and easy program.
- Lindsey Haslam, Manager, Switch Salon - Salt Lake City, UT

 "As a salon business owner I understand the impact the beauty industry can have on our planet. As  parents and industry professionals it is our responsibility to teach about and leave the planet ...

- David Puyaoan, Owner, Hair Inc.

"Our team is motivated to sort our recycling with care, and we are now down to one garbage bag a month! I'm so proud of their enthusiasm, our guests are even prouder. This has been a win win! Thank you so much!” 

- Gwen Fisher, Owner & Master Senior Stylist, ​Pure​ Elements Hair & Body Works
"I am very excited for this opportunity to work together toward a more eco-conscious beauty industry. By sharing with so many, this movement brings hope for the betterment and progressive healing of our planet!”
- Trina Fuentes, Certified KEVIN.MURPHY Educator
"We're always looking for standouts in the beauty industry to feature on our blog. We love Green Circle Salons' philosophy of keeping people and the planet beautiful. Their programs have a positive impact on the environment and the future of our planet - that makes me sleep better at night. I hope GCS inspires people to make greener ...
- Natasha Bernardi, Bernardi Beauty Blog

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